Winter Weather Water for Chickens and Dog

This post shows homemade watering devices for both chickens and dogs.

The picture below shows a simple dry wall mud pan that can be purchased at any building supply store.  The pictures to follow will show how it is used

The next photo shows the pan in place sitting on a wooden shelf with about two inches protruding into the hen house.

Note the pan has some light showing through the wall.  This is from light bulbs placed there to keep the water from freezing.

The next photo was taken on the outside of the hen house. The photo below shows a five-gallon water jug upside down with the small end of the jug placed inside the pan. As the hens drink and the water level lowers to let air in, then more water will enter the pan. Not obvious in this photo is a piece of metal in the bottom of the pan to hold the jug off the bottom so air can enter the jug before the level of water gets too low in the pan.

I use two lights from drop cords to give more heat, and as a precaution should one of the bulbs burn out.  The board to the right of the jug is a 12 inch wide board with hinges that serves as a door on the outside of the hen house.

The final photo for the chicken watering device is showing an inside view.  Note that the pan is elevated off the floor and a concrete block allows the hens to get access to the water.  The elevated position prevents the hens from scratching litter into the water pan.  The biggest challenge for this type watering device is quickly placing the jug of water in the pan without spilling too much water.

The next photo shows a different type watering device, one I use for our working Border Collie dog. The photo below shows a water bucket sitting on top of a wooden box with a hole cut in the top for the bucket.  You can see a light placed inside the box.

The last photo below shows the bucket placed in the hole on the top of the box. The hole cut in the plywood box is cut so the bucket is elevated off the floor enough so the electric drop cord can fit below the bucket and the hole is closed off once the bucket is in place. This is a simple but very effective way to keep water from freezing in our dog kennel.